Herb Fairies: A Magical Tale of Plants and Their Remedies

We all want happy, healthy & THRIVING kids... but how do we inspire them?

Thousands of children have fallen in love with this book and activity series... it encourages and empowers kids to be healthier, more creative, and sets them on a path of making healthy choices for a lifetime - all while having fun!

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Herb Fairies closes in...

Did we forget how kids learn?

Most of us grew up going to school. So we associate learning with text books, homework and tests. 

The truth is, kids learn naturally as they grow and develop in all kinds of different ways.

Remember those timeless summer days playing outside? Making up games with your friends? Listening to your mom or dad read your favorite stories?

We learn the most when our minds, bodies and senses are all engaged, and…

Time playing outside is essential for physical, emotional, and social health.

How much learning and integration are kids today missing with their constant movement between structured activities and hours in front of television and computer screens?

At LearningHerbs, we have developed a children's herbal learning system that engages kids through stories, and encourages them to learn even more by providing exciting hands-on activities.

These herbal activities then connect kids to nature and encourage them to have even more adventures outdoors.

Parents get involved by reading the books with their children and helping with the fun and simple herbal preparations, slipping easily into role of herbal mentor...even if you have no herbal experience.

Welcome to the magical world of Herb Fairies!

Herb Fairies is a chapter book series and herbal learning system, by Wildcraft! board game creator Kimberly Gallagher.

Each of the 13 Herb Fairies books have a story of it’s own, but they’re all connected to tell the much bigger story of a time when the plant magic was fading from the world.

When four young friends discover an herb fairy at the park, they are drawn into a healing adventure beyond their wildest dreams. The Old Man of the Forest has cast a terrible spell, locking up much of the plant magic and draining the magic from the world.

The fairies turn to the children for help, and they all discover that only by working together and healing the magic keepers from all of the different magical races can the magic be fully restored.

You will get swept up in the story as five-year-old herbalist Hailey and her brother, Rowan, along with two of their best friends, travel to the Fairy Herb Garden to help heal the sick magic keepers.

Along the way, you will meet fairies that embody characteristics of the healing herbs. The stories teach in multiple ways, and by the end of the series you will be a keeper of plant medicine magic.

You can even create your own journal of the thirteen plants covered in the series, recording their medicinal uses and experimenting with your own herbal preparations.

Learning about the healing herbs is an amazing doorway to the natural world around us.

More importantly, kids empower themselves with wisdom to take care of their own health naturally as they grow up.

This creates healthier kids and stronger families.

More than a book series, Herb Fairies is an herbal “learning system” for kids...

Serena and Jeffrey from Canada use the learning system to transform the stories into practical knowledge.

Immerse your child in the stories by keeping the Magic Keeper's Journal.

They can make remedies with herbs, just like the kids in the books. Your kids can record everything the fairies teach them on these colorful and fun journal pages! After they finish the page, store them in their special Magic Keeper's binder.

Make the recipes that the kids in
the books make...

Recipe cards for remedies and recipes mentioned in the book. If you want to learn about herbs, the best way is to have experiences with them. These recipes are kid friendly and fun to make. This is where you can take on the role of mentor. The more hands-on activities you do with your kids, the more they'll remember.

Make a coloring book!

Your kids will love coloring in the Herb Fairies while they listen to you read them the stories. They can also print out full color posters of their favorite fairies to hang on their walls.

Parent Guide

Whether you are new to herbs or have lots of experience, this guide will help parents, grandparents and mentors learn how to effectively use Herb Fairies as a learning system.

How to get started, how to keep it fun, information on plant harvesting and identification, what to do when you can't find a plant, about poisonous plants, coaching kids about talking to others about herbs and MUCH more. We want to help you feel confident as you step forward.

BIG Bonus! An issue of Herbal Roots Zine for each Herb Fairies book.

Each full issue takes your kids deeper into learning about each plant and includes songs, stories, poems, games, puzzles, mazes, word searches, crafts and MUCH more.

Kristine Brown's Herbal Roots Zine gives Herb Fairies a whole other dimension by offering even more hands-on activities. These are also digital so you can print as many as you need for all the kids in your house.

Value: $103.87

Bonus! Herbal Remedies for Children During Cold & Flu Season

This comprehensive 86 page eBook covers...

Why use herbs for children, getting medicine down the hatch, when to see a doctor, signs of dehydration, what is a cold, what is a flu, many great tips for staying healthy during cold and flu season, and what to do in the onset of illness.

Treatments for fever, coughs, congestion, earache, teething, and tummy troubles. Herbal baths and recipes such as an electrolyte blend, basic syrup, elecampane syrup, bee balm syrup, a basic tea recipe and chamomile popsicles.

This eBook uses many of the herbs covered in Herb Fairies.

This eBook helps you, the parent, be more empowered to help your kids with the remedies the kids are learning about in Herb Fairies. Cool, eh?

This eBook is not available anywhere else,
and you get it FREE with Herb Fairies.

Downloadable within the Herb Fairies site.

Value: $37

Bonus! Private online community...

Herb Fairies Book Club members get access to our private Herb Fairies Facebook Group. You'll learn more by sharing with others.

Communicate with members, share stories, photos and more! This is designed so you don't feel like you're doing this all on your own. Also, if you're new to herbs, having a support network can be invaluable.

What parents & grandparents are saying...

Herb Fairies has been such a joy!  The stories are written in such an approachable way, that even my youngest has been able to remember and identify herbs.  The kids love the riddles of each tale & that triggers a fantastic ability to recall what each herb treats.  As a parent, the best part is that the main children of the stories are so kind & cooperative- they have been great models in treating ourselves and others with compassion.

K. Day, Oregon

The Herb Fairy series weaves together a beautiful picture of plant medicine, magic, love, compassion, communication, respect, joy, trust, awareness, inspiration, simplicity and much more....I really appreciate the gender and age balance in the stories as well and believe that the books will grow with my son.  I think storytelling is a critical way to pass down the art of herbalism.

J. Jackowski, Oregon

Herb Fairies hit the nail on the head. These books are empowering to my children (as well as to me) and can be empowering to you. I would recommend these books with pleasure.

J. De Laurentiis, New York

Herb Fairies has opened up the world of plants for my four year old in a way that my most earnest instruction somehow did not. I feel she is connected to the plant world now in a deeper part of her being.

B. Cook, New Zealand

The Herb Fairy Books are so well written and the art work is exceptional.  I highly recommend this program to everyone regardless of their children's ages.  The price of the program is very reasonable especially when you compare all the benefits you and your family will receive.

D. Majewski, North Carolina

Herb Fairies is a wonderful and lasting way for children to learn. The benefits of each herb is encapsulated by magical fairies who teach courage, honesty and the importance of helping others.

K. Relf, United Kingdom

The Herb Fairies is very heartfelt.  It brings a lot of joy.  It's totally awesome. The drawings are wonderful. The energy is wonderful.  And it is a beautiful season of stories. Thank you for making them.

J. Bevington's daughter, Ohio

The stories are really well written.  There is a pattern that keeps my daughter engaged knowing the flow to expect in the stories but it doesn't get boring or old ever.  She could listen to the audio of the books over and over again.  She is able to find all of the herbs out in the wilderness here where we live.  The only thing that we wish is that it wouldn't end!

J. Bevington, Ohio

These colorful, exciting books almost come to life.  They are amazing one-of-a-kind tales of herbal enchantment that draw you into the stories while teaching herbs and their uses.

J. Mosorjak, Michigan

My kids and I didn't know anything about herbs when we started Herb Fairies.  We have been completely changing over to a healthier lifestyle...We could all understand about herbs because all different learning styles were used.

K. Knapp, Iowa

This series is for everyone--I was afraid it would be too young for my 11 year old, but it wasn't. It was also not too young for Mom! It is chock full of fantastic, easy to understand information.

A. Martin, Maryland

I have been using herbs for over 40 years and have had many books on herbs.  The way Herb Fairies is presented is logical, easy to use AND easy to understand.  And the recipes are fun!

T. Allen, Washington

I got this for my grand kids, but I learned more than I could imagine.  Now when they come over, we have that special "herb" time with Grams.  ...You are never to old to learn.

S. Decker, Texas

As a homeschooling family with all age ranges, we couldn't have had a better, more fun program for learning the herbs we love!

L. Tousignant , Wisconsin

I love that the plants described in Herb Fairies grow wild, or as easily available culinary herbs here in Australia. The plant keeper's journal and Herbal Roots Zine make plant identification easy, too. If Herb Fairies had been available when I was a child I'd have retained my childhood love of plants and studied herbalism many decades before I did. What a wonderful, fun series!

C. Hooper, Australia

My son loved the characters, he talks as if he knows them!  It has helped all of my children with their plant identification skills. They love harvesting herbs to make goodies. The fact that they gathered herbs and made things with the herbs is so impressive to their relatives. They have requests from family members to make them herbal products. Thanks a bunch Herb Fairies!!!

T. Robbins , Pennsylvania

There's just something about watching my children wander through an open field "listening" for the plants. Oh, who am I kidding? I do it, too! Thank you, Herb Fairies, for opening our ears and eyes to the amazing world of plants!

C. Connors, Washington

Our girls walk around spewing information about herbs growing around our house. They make poultices and decoctions and are so excited about learning more about the herbs that grow in our everyday life and how we can use them. It's so rewarding to see them so excited about what others call 'weeds'!

L. Grim, North Carolina

My daughter is 6, and she absolutely loves the Herb Fairies series... Whenever someone gets hurt or is feeling sick, she goes straight to the Herb Fairies to find the best remedy. She has learned so much from this series, and it has greatly deepened her understanding and appreciation of nature's goodness.

E. Wolfe, Kansas

Herb Fairies is a phenomenal way to teach children about plants how they heal and nourish us. It is also very important in creating a consciousness in us and our children that we must take care of Mother Earth. It pays the idea forward for children to become stewards of our planet.

Z. Moraga, New Jersey

Herb Fairies is delivered digitally.

When you purchase Herb Fairies, you get instant access to the Herb Fairies web site...

The private member area contains all 13 Herb Fairies books in printable PDF, Kindle, iBook and mobile formats. You also have access to an audiobook for each story, read by author Kimberly Gallagher.

You also get access to the Magic Keepers Journals, coloring pages, posters, and tons of recipe cards. Bonuses include 13 issues of the Herbal Roots Zine activity books, a private Facebook Community for support, a parent's guide for those new to herbs, and the 86 page Herbal Remedies for Children During Cold & Flu Season ebook.

Why is Herb Fairies delivered digitally?

  • Save 67% Instantly!

    Each Herb Fairy book comes to you at a 67% savings over what we would have to charge for printed books.

  • No shipping charges

    This alone cuts over 80% off the price! You get everything for roughly what SHIPPING would cost if we were selling hard copies.

  • Eco-friendly

    We include multiple book versions formatted for Kindle, iPad, or any eBook reader. You can also print hi-res PDF files on your own recycled paper.

  • Instant Delivery

    We email you with new issues every month. You never lose access to the site, even after all the books are delivered. You also get instant access after you purchase.

  • Full Color Illustrations

    Many fairy books are cheap because they print with simple black and white line art. Herb Fairies books have a full color illustration on every page for your child to enjoy.

  • Bonus! Audiobook Version

    For when your kids want to listen during the day, and you’re too busy OR if they like to fall asleep listening to audio books. Listen on the website or download iTunes optimized mp3 files.

  • Multimedia Learning System

    Includes the expanded herbal learning system at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you, including recipe cards, journals, coloring pages, and activities.

  • New! Print-on-Demand option*

    You also get access to at-cost professionally printed, hard copy books for less than Amazon charges for the same books.  *This is an optional feature for subscribers, who only pay the printers cost plus shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What plants are covered in Herb Fairies?

Though MANY more plants and fairies are mentioned in the books, the 13 books mainly feature…

Chickweed, violet, lemon balm, plantain, chamomile, calendula, marshmallow, burdock, elder, pine, rose, cinnamon and finally, dandelion.

These are not only fun and kid friendly herbs to learn about, but are also the most used herbs for children’s herbal remedies. In other words, you and your kids will be learning the most important children’s remedy herbs throughout the adventure.

You will not only know all about the plants, you’ll know how to use them for remedies if your child needs simple care for those everyday first aid situations. So, they are learning about the plants and YOU are learning how to use those very same plants to help them.



What ages are the Herb Fairies books for?

These books are targeted to children between the ages of 5 and 12, but like most good stories, they can be enjoyed at any age. In a survey we gave to Herb Fairies owners, 60% were purchased for kids 5 to 12, 20% bought it read to kids under 5, and 20% were adults buying it for themselves.

Because of the extra features, it works for a wide variety of ages. My four year old liked the pictures and coloring pages, my 9/10 year old LOVED the books, and my 11/12 year old could still dig into meatier information in the herbal roots zine...when some of the other components of the program seems beneath his grown-up-ness. 🙂

C. Pitton, Virginia

Is Herb Fairies just for girls?

Boys LOVE Herb Fairies. Here are a few testimonials from book club members...

I have a 5 year old girl and a 13 year old boy, and the Herb Fairies materials are broad enough to capture both of their imaginations. My daughter is enraptured by the stories, and identifies with all of the characters. My son enjoys learning about how the herbs can be used in culinary and medicinal preparations. These books have been a means through which both of my kids have been able to connect more deeply and meaningfully with nature. These materials are highly, highly recommended.

C. Williford, Wyoming

My boys loved the Herb Fairy stories.  It was such a beautiful way to use their imagination to learn about the herbs, it really brought them alive and created a lasting connection.

T. DeVito, Maine

Don’t let the name fool you. Herb Fairies are not just for girls and young boys. My tween son loves the books, the audios, but mostly the herbs. He is deeply interested in the healing properties and medicinal uses of herbs, an interest that has grown out of a year of Herb Fairies books...

P. Marooney, BC, Canada

Is this a program that takes a lot of time?

Like anything, what you put into it is what you get out of it.

We price Herb Fairies so you're just paying for the books. This way, if all you have time for is reading the books or listening to the audio books, then you're still getting a lot for your money.

However, if you and your kids really get into and use all the book club materials (recipes, journals, activities), then you're purchasing the only complete children's herbal educational program at a bargain basement price.

What if I can’t get to reading the books right away?

No worries. You can access Herb Fairies and use the materials anytime you want. You have continued access to the site.

How much does Herb Fairies cost?

You can start Herb Fairies for just $37 (and then 2 more payments of $37) for the entire adventure and experience. You never lose access to the site.


Satisfaction Guaranteed. Zero risk.

Inspire your children to know, love and use the healing herbs...and empower them to make healthy choices for a lifetime.

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